Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Counting Jellyfish

Well last weekend the summer unfortunately arrived at last. Now don't take me wrong here I do love warm weather and sunshine; having regularly been heard to contemplate moving South to warmer climes and having come very close to doing so during several cold British summers believe me I love warm weather. My problem is that I'm never satisfied, the sun comes out and the wind disappears. Is it too much to ask for sunshine and wind? Well this weekend it evidently was. 

The Met office was obviously having a bit of a moment when they put out the inshore waters forecast. They managed to get the Northerly backing South Westerly bit right and the sea state of slight was not too far out (well maybe a bit over the top) but the force 2 to 3 occasionally 4 was well off the mark. 

We left Axmouth just before 0900 and headed west at a gentle 2 and a half knots. 

A pretty relaxing sail by any standards, in fact for a large part of the day Epenetus sailed herself with only minor corrections to course, while we all took it easy.

 Some more than others as you can see.


Epenetus wandered on all day whilst we all attempted to count the amazing number of Jellyfish floating by. 

Chrysaora hysoscella, also known as the compass jellyfish

 Despite numerous attempts at photographing these beauties I had no success so the picture above is a stock image. We gave up counting at thirty. I've never seen so many in one trip before, I would suppose it was just that the water was so calm that they were easy to see. 

With about twelve miles still to go we had cause for celebration, a massive 2.9 knots. We did at one point after this make the dizzy heights of 4.2 knots but not for long. We eventually arrived in Brixham at 1930 after ten and a half hours of very relaxing sailing.

The events pontoon was its usual social self with wine and good company a plenty. So we made the most of it, plus of course fish and chips from Nicks a real must for any trip to Brixham.

Sunday morning and we were away again in time to watch the sunrise.

First thing in the morning is always a lovely time to put to sea  

We watched the sun come up and hoped what little breeze there was would increase.
Our hope was in vain because as the sun rose what breeze there was died. 

As we motored home we had no jellyfish to count, just balloons!

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